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The Divorce Process

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1. File the petition

A wife or husband must file a request to the court to dissolve the marriage. Once the petition is received by the spouse, there are two options for response — an answer or a counter-petition.

2. Answer

The spouse must either agree with or deny the allegations in the complaint. An answer to a petition/complaint must be filed within 30 days of the date that the spouse is served.

3. Temporary hearing for pendente lite support

A temporary hearing generally occurs near the onset of the case. During this process, a temporary order provides for the support and maintenance of both parties until the final judgment is entered.

4. Discovery

Discovery includes requests for production, interrogatories, requests for admissions and depositions. This is usually the longest step in any divorce case.

5. Mediation or trial

Mediation is an alternate way to resolve a pending divorce. During mediation, the parties may reach an agreement that will settle the case without going to trial. If mediation is unsuccessful, the case will continue to trial.

6. Final hearing

At the final hearing, the court enters either an agreement reached by the parties or renders a final decree of divorce.

*Based on the complexity of your case it may require more or less steps.