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Family Law in Alabama covers a wide range of legal services.  Divorce is one of the largest areas of family law.  Child custody, child support, alimony, and visitation are subparts that are encompassed in family law.  Some areas that are overlooked as being part of family law are adoptions, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreement.  While both are very different areas of family law, each are utilized in this area of law.  Family law can be a very emotional type of law.  Each type of family law case touches families, parents, children, and even their extended family to the core. 


At The Zwiebel Law Firm we have represented both fathers and mothers in divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and DHR cases.  We have represented grandparents who find themselves dealing with child custody issues as well.  Nothing can be more important than one's family and we realize that here at Zwiebel Law.  Our attorneys constantly are reviewing new case law and statutes that affect the way family law cases are decided.  We work very hard at keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape of family law.  Whenever a new case or statute arises over an area, we put it into action immediately.  If there is a new rule of law that can assist our clients and ease their litigation, we are on top of it.  We have been successful in many cases because of our profound ability to read every new rule, case and statute immediately after it is released.  Family law is never set in stone.  As long as there are families, parents, and children who will be affected by our laws, there will be new changes to be incorporated in each case.  Our attorneys work very hard at keeping our clients informed about their cases and laws that will affect their outcomes.  Communication in our offices is key to getting our client’s issues resolved.  We have a 24 hour voicemail service that sends an email directly to our attorneys on staff immediately so that every concern can be addressed in an efficient manner.  Emergencies often arrive in family law situations and those emergencies cannot be scheduled in a normal work hours.  We understand that at Zwiebel Law.  Our attorneys are never more than a call or email away from our clients.  We have a policy that every call is returned within 24 hours no matter what time of day it is received.  We also communicate during holidays with our clients since most child custody issues occur during the off hours of the holidays.  Personal service and communication are a focal point in our firm.  Our family law clients never have to have an unanswered question. 


Divorce is the most common area of family law utilized.  Whenever a marriage has come to an end it is vital that the rights of the parents be protected as well as the rights of the children.  Any final judgment that comes out of divorce will forever govern how the relationship of each individual is exercised.  When going through a divorce, a party's ability to get a fair settlement is extremely important.  Once the property has been divided and an order has been issued, the ability to change it is a harsh burden.  This is most certainly true when children are involved.  Each parent's ability to communicate and be part of their child's life will be governed by the final order.  It is typical for parents to get along and share responsibilities of raising their child at some point after divorce.  However, there is always a point after divorce when problems arise.  This is the time that the party's will refer to their final order and may even demand that each person live by it.  That is why it is vital to be future-oriented during the divorce since the final order will be the ultimate document that will govern when the parties can no longer get along. 


Legal representation of a person going through a divorce, child custody or child support problem is extremely important.  Without legal advice, a person may agree to what may seem appropriate at the time and then problems will arise later than cannot be addressed without going back to court.  To minimize the reappearance in court and deal with the litigation post divorce, a party should always engage a lawyer who works regularly in the family law area.  The attorneys who regularly practice in family law know of recent changes that may affect your case.   The vitality of having a divorce attorney well-versed in current family law cases will lessen the likelihood of having to go back to court after the divorce is finalized.  The divorce decree that finalizes your marriage is the document that will govern your relationship with your ex-spouse for the rest of your life.  If there are children involved, it will govern the relationship you have with your children.  It is extremely important to make sure you have legal advice before entering into an agreement that will be made part of your final decree.  This is true when going to court to trial over your divorce, child custody, or property.  Once an order is entered there is a finite amount of time that a party has to correct it or to appeal.  After that the only remedy to change the divorce decree requires a modification.  Once child custody has been established, the burden to overturn that custody order becomes more difficult with a different standard.  The burden goes from best interest to the McClendon standard in Alabama.  Currently the McClendon standard is such a difficult burden to satisfy that overturning custody after its initial determination is rarely done.  This is the most important reason to have an attorney at all stages in your divorce so that you are aware of the laws that will be applied to your case.